Ruby and Amazon SimpleDb

I am a lazy person. I am also a lazy person that loves the idea of leveraging lots of computing power (as a hobby) on demand for cheap. Wow Amazon, you're really helping me out here... especially now with your SimpleDb.

Of course we've all read everyone's take on the product. Why should I add to the noise... but we've got projects registered at ruby forge without any files released... dammit...

Show me the code!

Well, the NY Times peeps have posted about their SimpleDb project.


SimpleDb Ruby Forge Project Page

NY Times SimpleDb SVN Repository

So will this project be the winner of the ruby bindings mind share? I think first to market gives Jacob Harris (NY Times) a very strong position in my book.

As for mind share... I am fond of two other rubyforge projects (above the rest) for Amazon.

For Ruby S3:

For Ruby EC2: