Here at BadPopcorn, Inc. H.Q.

Welcome to the inagural post from BadPopcorn H.Q.

Located in the relaxed heart of Old Town Orange California. BadPopcorn now has a home.

Here is our lovely view of...a relatively generic street.


That thing to Ben's left is still hanging there...I don't believe any of us like it...but there were theories floated the it might be there for luck...and who are we to risk bad luck.


First day of work at the new office.


First meeting in the new office.


The weeks, and months ahead will be chock-full of planning, collaborating, and lots of other things, most of which will involve looking longingly into a screen and typing away on keyboards like the feet of a shirtless Irish folk dancer...from the nineties. Except we'll all be wearing our shirts...and it's not the nineties...and it's fingers on keyboards...look there's going to be lots of fast typing.

More Updates to Come...