RDFa Complexities

So I briefly read over the new draft of the RDFa Primer. It's good overall, but Section 5 introduces unnecessary interpretation complexities.

I say BLEAH to the Section 5. I want "Keep It Simple, Stupid." parsing. The nested layers make it harder for the parser to parse; it makes it harder for the lay person to understand RDFa (and to adopt, and to use).

I also REALLY don't like the idea of intermixing the id and about attributes for use in defining the subjects & objects. Although the primer makes a case for it, I counter with this example:

<body about="http://example.com/mydoc#section">
  <div id="popup">
    The document was written by <span rel="dc:author">Tim</span>
  <a onClick="...">Show PopUp</a>

The 'popup' id is overloaded. It's the identifier for which the Javascript code looks up, and it's also become the subject of the dc:author statement. The above fragment is also non-intuitive. I would expect <http://example.com/mydoc#section> dc:author 'Tim'. Instead, I get <#popup> dc:author 'Tim'.