This not That

Reflection is a task best practiced delicately. The bubble gum and duck tape that holds our lives together can be torn apart over a simple deliberation between dreams and reality. Thus, I took great precaution before sitting down and writing this, whatever "this" is. I did't want this to turn into that. Or become one of those that are usually written by them. How I hate them and their ways. I wanted this to be one of these that are written by those who don't get along with them. How I hate them and their ways. So anyway, I enjoy reading quotes. With good timing and proper regurgitation I can appear intelligent through the expressions of those much smarter and original then I am.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

My life isn't a book but I wish it were. I wish I could put it down when it got boring or took a plot twist I didn't agree with. I want my dad to write his memoirs but he keeps shooting the idea down. He feels it is a waste of time. "I already know what happened, why waste the time I got left proving it to you." Although I don't agree with his logic I can't knock his style. It would be hilarious if a fifteen year old guy wrote an autobiography. It would be a 500 page book split into 20 chapters. The first two chapters would cover toys, video games and ice cream. The next eighteen would give detailed accounts of how to masturbate. Honestly, the youth these days are spoiled with streaming video. I remember when an obvious faked picture of Kelly Kapowski, loading a little over a minute, would do the trick. Usually a guy could unload before the picture finished loading. Honestly, I can't remember if Kelly Kapowski had knees. But I can tell you that she is not a natural blonde.

I'm sure you would find it pleasing if I stopped discussing masturbation. So, to please you and not me I will move on to another topic. This is random just as life is. More importantly, this is not that and was certainly not written by them. Don't waste your time thinking about what you haven't done or telling stories of things you did a long time ago. Don't imitate. Don't let your life be a quote out of the social norm. Say something, break rules and piss someone off.

Or continue to play with yourself from nine to five so you can fall asleep and wake up tired.