Jones, my favorite, soda

I like Jones Soda, ok fine...I love Jones Soda. Why? Because their strawberry soda is freaking delicious. This holiday package might be freaking disgusting but I still want it!

After introducing the world to new soda flavors like fish taco and salmon, Seattle specialty beverage maker Jones Soda Co. is offering a new flavor: Green pea.Green pea, along with other unusual sodas such as turkey and gravy, dinner roll, sweet potato and antacid flavor, will be part of the company's $10 to $15 "holiday pack" of bottled drinks available nationwide.
-some yahoo article


The company is even based off customer suggestions. From the label on the front to even the name of the drink. Since 1997 Jones Soda has been taking suggestions off their site and actually putting them to use. I was wondering why they had a drink named "Whoop Ass". I love the fact that every label of the soda has some picture a random person sent in, or the name is a dumb name that a random person one day came up with, but best of all...they make really good drinks. Sodas, Natural, Organic, even Energy drinks.

Jones Soda Co. founder and CEO Peter van Stolk has his own secret ingredient. It has created buzz, produced 30% yearly revenue growth in a flat beverage market, drawn major distribution partners such as Starbucks and Target, and brought in $30 million in annual revenue. That ingredient: you. Virtually everything about a Jones Soda, from labels to flavors, comes from customers. That's important because "the reality is that consumers don't need our s -- -," van Stolk says unapologetically.