Facebook, News Feed Ad

I read about this last week, but personally noticed it earlier today. Facebook has thought up a clever advertising technique, imprints in news feeds. I say it's clever because you don't really notice it, but it could get kind of annoying with more ads. But I'm not going to bitch and complain, well not just yet. I got a couple questions.

  1. Are the ads at random or are they relevant to my profile. Facebook tags everything in our profiles so technically they could shoe us relevant ads. If I remember correctly, Facebook struck a deal with Microsoft on some kind of advertisement engine/module/other smart word here.
  2. Are the ads going to show up on walls, profiles, groups as well or just news feeds? If you anyone sees them someplace other then news feed do let me know.
  3. Facebook is big on privacy, so are they going to give members privacy rights on seeing ads in their news feeds.