Python, Eggs and Dreamhost

Dreamhost, my web host, does not yet support Python2.5, and one can't install Python eggs into Dreamhost's own Python installations. The solution? I just installed a custom build of Python2.5 into my $HOME/opt directory. The following is the script I created to automate that process:

# Obtain Python2.5 and unpack
mkdir $HOME/downloads/
cd $HOME/downloads/
tar -zxvf Python-2.5.tgz

# Creating the location under which python (and other apps) are to be installed.
mkdir $HOME/opt

# Go into the Python2.5 directory, make && make install the thing
cd Python-2.5
./configure --prefix=$HOME/opt --enable-unicode=ucs4
make && make install

# Create a bin directory for Python, and link the bin to the real executable
mkdir -p $HOME/bin/python/bin
ln -s $HOME/opt/bin/python $HOME/bin/python/bin/python

After the installation, I edited the bash_profile file to add the bin path:

export PATH=$HOME/bin/python/bin:$HOME/opt/bin:$PATH

Now with a custom installation of Python, I can use eggs to manage my Django projects' library dependencies. :)