A funny thing happened to me on the way to post the Podcast

So, there's gonna be a podcast. Our podcasts are called Our Talky-Bits...or at least they were called that when I was writing the post about them.

Most of said post was written with Bennie looking over my shoulder...I'm not saying he was telling me to write the post diferent, but he was. Buttmunch made me take out the part where I acknowledge that we might simply lose interest. Which is fair, because we have yet to abandon a project due to disinterest. (italics mean sarcasm:) ). Silver lining, I originally had a typo when I called him a buttmunch, and he fixed it. Words fall short of describing the feeling that gives one, though "/giggles" comes close.

Long story short, my post died, Bennie described it as Wishy-Washy and not self-confident. As with everything I enjoy, it was absolutely dripping with self deprication. Which is not, in and of itself, lacking in confidence. I was quite confident of the deleterius comments I had written, one could even say supremely confident.

So, yeah. The OTB is either currently up, or going up soon. It is short, and at least moderately comical, like my Man Parts ( No way in Hell I'm letting that line die, Ben). I assure you, gentle reader, that short does not mean un-funny, Shakespeare once said "Brevity is the soul of wit" at about one minute our wit has soul...and is Super-Bad.

Don't Call it A Podcast!

That was vengence against Benny for killing my LL Cool J reference in the original post...he just don't know 'cuz he not from 'da streets.

Both this post, and the deleted post that inspired it were written on a Devil Machine which was apparently named for the archfiend that first envisioned it the Dark Lord Mc Intosh. Trust me no fouler beast has ever been borne, I mean the machine, not the demon. Demons get a bad rap, they can all Cut and Paste with the proper button combinations, you know the ones.

So...The point? Listen to OTB Webisode one: You Gotta Start Somewhere. As long as we don't get Deth Threats there will be more to follow...maybe with midgets, and a dash of Cayenne.

Just one last thing.

You Down with OTB?!

-Aaron "Yeah You Know Me" Adams