I guess it's not that bad

Over the years, I had developed an absolute hatred in my heart when it came to Javascript and DOM programming. No one big specific reason, just all the little annoyances: browser incompatibilities, debugging sucked (was tedious), never found any javascript library helpful or easy to use (this includes prototype, MochiKit, and Dojo), etc. Let's just say that I would have rather gotten teeth pulled using rusty pliers.

But I've come to rethink my position... I can now stand, even enjoy, Javascript programming. Wow, what could have possibly happened to me (a once huge Javascript hater) to actually like it now? I give you the three reasons why:

  1. I started to work the Javascript language as it were actually Scheme (or similar functional language), closures and all.
  2. I found the Firebug debugging plugin for Firefox. I will never have to use an alert() call ever again :).
  3. And the biggest reason why I changed my mind: I found jQuery. This libary removed all the little pains I listed above, and released me in a way that I could focus on doing #1 above.

Take those three, and mix it up with with a Django powered backend... I am thoroughly confident that Javascript does not suck.