I just finished reading FBbook by Karel M Baloun and loved it. You can buy and download it off his site for only ten dollars. It is well worth ten dollars and kudos for Baloun for keeping it cheap. By the contents Im confident he could have sold it for more.

As an early engineer, I reveal the inside of Facebook's explosive growth as it became the premiere online environment for US college students. Including, how and by whom products were made, how you can use them best, views on what makes social networks valuable, and where this industry trends are headed. You too can achieve startup success, and attain any dream; I will lead and inspire you towards your greatest potential.

He takes you from Nan and Curry to the people and personalities behind facebook. If you are young and ambitious then its a must read. Seriously...ten dollars and you have a better prespective on the whole web 2.0 social networking buzz word that is taking over the world. Let me know what you think of it.