Badly Mirrored fbQuick, Fixed!

Arg! You would think Google would do uploads correctly, but it turns out that we would sometimes get a bad download from the Google Page Creator hosted file. And that's what happened with the exe downloads from this weekend!

So people that downloaded fbQuick from sometime last weekend until this morning had an installer that would fail. I fixed all that now, so please redownload if it was you. Sorry about that. :( Correct MD5 for the current version i 233fa9acd3aa3c6adbe51e0ea30b2e5d.

(If you want to verify the md5 sum, then try one of these windows utilities: (Command line) (Command line) (Windows GUI)

Thank you to the person that reported this issue. :)

I think the logs say that there were 100 downloads this weekend, and I completely appologize to every one that was affected.