LifeHacker Writes About fbQuick

Woo hoo, our fbQuick Facebook Notifier application got linked to by Lifehacker.

So funny story... I read a Lifehacker article about Facebook extensions earlier this week, but these extensions were only Greasemonkey scripts... Not really usable unless you run Firefox and Greasemonkey.

So I shot the Lifehacker editors an email about fbQuick (seeing as we just made it available to the public). And wow, I got a response today; and that they would be writing about fbQuick. Cool, I jumped over to and I saw the post!

Then I went straight to the fbQuick website, and it was down! Oh crap!

I started with the assumption that the linking brought in way more traffic than the host could handle. And I spent good deal of time trying to get get stuff into place to distribute the load to other mirrors. All with no luck. Both excitement and panic coursed through my veins.

But about two hours after I encountered all this, the site seems to be back up and running... I'm still trying to track down why it's suddenly back up. So was the site really getting that much traffic, or was there something else in play? I know Dreamhost has been having issues of late, and they supposedly just resolved them recently... I have to do a bit more digging-- in the server logs-- to figure this out. But either way, the linking is very cool.