Keep Updated with Facebook using fbQuick

Moe came up with the fbQuick idea while I was still in Europe, a Facebook Notifier...

"A what?", I asked.

"Like the GMail notifier, but for Facebook."

"I'm still not following."

"You know Facebook? It's like MySpace, but for colleges... It's gonna be a little application that sits in your desktop's system tray-- like AIM, or Skype-- and regularly checks Facebook for new messages, wall posts, comments, and stuff! When you get a new message, a little alert is displayed in the bottom corner of your screen."

"And stuff? You sound excited."

"Dude, it's gonna be tight!"

"Ok, let's do it."

Sure enough Moe came over the morning after I returned from Europe. A few weeks worth of work with Corey, and we now have its public launch at: