mallrats in the mall of life

Life is a strange journey that I wish I had a map to. Not just a regular map either. I am talking about one of the mall maps. If you grew up in the 90s you know what I am talking about. The map that clearly prints "you are here" to the exact spot in the mall you are at. I need to know just where "here" is so I can get to where ever it is I am suppose to go. I just need to know which way I need to walk or maybe I just need to take a moment to look at all my options. Evaluate each store by how long it would take me to get to it from where I currently am located. It is what I like to call, the mall of life.

You can spend all your time in the mall of life. I mean this literally. In the mall of life the currency is time. There are a variety of stores one can go to ranging from clothes to books. You only have so much time in your pocket to spend, and most of it is spent wandering around the mall "window shopping". Window shopping is wasting your time looking at something you damn well know you can not have at the present moment. Rather then spending the time to get this item you spend the time day dreaming of how it would be to posses it. This ranges from a career, your body, the opposite sex, and so on.

Just like the actual malls, few people actually stop and look at the map that lets you know just where you are. So maybe, just maybe, in this mall of life there is a map and I just got to find it. Until then, I am going to hang out/lounge somewhere between the food court and the bookstore.

A bit weird I know but in my head it makes sense.