JavaOne - Day Three

Ok, so by now any session that has AJAX in the title has more people that you can shake a stick at trying to get in. One line was down the hall, down stairs, out a door, and then around a corner. That's right outside as in not indoors. I decided I wasn't that interested in that one after all. Going to various session you start to pick up on the whole session process as it relates to the presenters and their slides. Apparently Sun goes through each presenters slides and make sure that everything is nice an legal. Thus they add in words like 'software', 'technology', and trademark simbols. There were several occations when a presenter stop and pointed out how his slide was change. One group noted that Sun made them remove the dash after 'JSR' on everone of their slides.

The day ended with an 'After Dark Bash' that was pretty cool, except that there where about 10,000 people there as well. Everyone was waiting in line for either food or drinks so basiclly it was just a big standing around party. The highlight was that 'Fatal1ty' crushed everyone in Quake4.

I also was able to go to a session involving 'Processing' that can help create really neat art but being a bit more artistic lot the presenters had a hard time presenting a focused presentation. I personally thought it was a nice change of pace.