JavaOne - Day Two

Well the day started on a bit of a bad note. See there's this new Java language feature named Generics that I have been avoiding. Well today Joshua Bloch shoved them in my face and sort of spread it all around. Let's just say that Java Generics make the baby Jesus cry. I think that a part of me died during Bloch's talk. Personally I don't really see why everybody thinks that super duper strong type checking helps write better software. Do you really want the Java compiler to do your software testing for you? For somethings (like is this class name the same as that class name) but others (like is this a collection of coins) it is not so helpful. At one point there was a method signature something like this:

void someMethod(Collection<? extends T> collection);

"? extends T" are you kidding me? I mean really what-the-fuck.

Well today wasn't a complete loss, I was able to rebound with a nice Session all about Groovy. There was a really neat demo using some behide the sences magic to dynamically interact with Excel and a simple Swing app. And the presenter didn't declare any types while doing it. To round out the day I sat in on two different sessions present by none other than Rod Johnson who has a really terrific accent and even better things to say with it. I can't want unit Spring 2.0 is released sometime next month.

I've notice that when presented with rows of seating most people first sit on the aisle making people after then squeeze by them on there way to the middle. For some reason this really bugs me, why don't they move to the middle to start with? They are also the folks that stay until the last question has been answered.

Almost forgot the most exciting part of JavaOne the game area. My coworker and I dialed up some favorites (Mr. Do!, Joust, Guantlet) and I totally kicked in Rampart. They also have something called Xbox 360 but I don't think that it has any real titles.

So you might notice that today's post is really about yesterday hey all day conferences take a toll and I like sleeping.