Atom Publish Protocol and GData

The GData protocol introduced an optimistic locking convention, for resource editing, to the Atom Publish Protocol. The introduced method is quite simple: An Atom Entry's edit URL is unique by version of the resource. Although the Google team's method just added a version number to the end of the URL, the URL itself can be random and is opaque of semantic meaning. This versioned URL method allows the server to know if a client is trying to update a resource based on stale information.

After some pause, I had a question: Would it be better to have such versioned URLs or would it be better to add meta information in the Atom entry?

The APP draft spec states:

8.2.1 Editing entries with foreign markup To avoid unintentional loss of data when editing entry collection members, Atom Protocol clients SHOULD preserve all metadata, including unknown foreign markup, that has not been intentionally modified.

This means that an APP client will send back the version information even if it doesn't know anything about versioning, which would allow for the server to detect version conflicts.

However, the metadata method's one weakness is in that it only works with Atom Entries and will not work for other Media. Besides this, I have not found any compelling evidence to support one method or another when ignoring the metadata weakness. And I can't see either method breaking the REST model, so maybe it's up to the APP Service API designer.

Then my brain took a tangent:

Doesn't having version based edit URLs ( and imply that there are two separate resources as opposed to a single resource? In general, should different versions of a resource be modeled as separated resources? Yet aren't we talking about editing a resource published at a single URL: ? If we have two separate resources, then shouldn't the published (linked to in a blog entry) URL be the latest versioned URL ( Or can we say that represents the lastest version in the 'trunk'? Or am I splitting hairs since they may just be two sides of the same coin?

Ah that's it for thinking out loud...