Video Games are Turning the Nation's Young People into...Voters?

Of course, when speaking of Political matters, "Young People" can range anywhere from 18 to 40, but that doesn't mean that the lawmakers are out of touch...does it?

The Entertainment Software Association, has created the Video Game Voters Network. The point of the V.G.V.N. is, of course to inspire legislators to think twice before backing legislation that has-at least so far-been unfailingly stricken down as unconstitutional. The plan is that the threat of gamers that are mobilized, motivated, and prepared to vote in defense of their past-time will convince legislators that the easy "Family Values" votes they get for being Anti-Gamers Rights, might not seem so easy when they realize that Gamers Rights might actually be some of the values of the modern family.

In my opinion it is a beautiful dream. That's whay I'm linking, to do my part. If you enjoy video games...or your first amendment rights it might be worth heading over and signing up.

Sorry for getting up on that Soap Box like that but sometimes the only way to keep from being stepped on, is to stand up.

Did you know that the Government does not regulate access to or the sale of movies, books or cable TV?

Neither did I. Apparently those systems are totally voluntary too...must be due to that pesky Constitution.