A friend of mine at work used to get crazy headaches. One day he told me that he was doing acupunture. I wasn't surprised at all, because I had heard about football players that use acupunture to relieve pain. Since then I have read a couple articles about how it helps the brain deal with pain. I found some of the articles, a good read.

Acupuncture 'like migraine pill'

German researchers treated almost 900 patients with either standard drugs, traditional Chinese acupuncture or "fake" acupuncture. Virtually the same proportion of people in each group found the number of days affected by migraine was halved.

Acupuncture 'more than a placebo'

Sceptics have said that any benefits gained from acupuncture are merely down to a person's expectation that the treatment will work.

Acupuncture 'cuts blood pressure'

Acupuncture combined with electronic stimulation can lower high blood pressure, US researchers say.