War on Science?

I dislike how Creationists are going about attacking Science. They're spreading propaganda about how the Big Bang is "an unproven theory"-- totally misleading. Yes there are unproven aspects of the theory, but there is a lot of evidence that proves the idea of an ever-expanding Universe that once was a small hot ball of gas; what is unproven is what exactly happened in those very early moments while it was a hot ball of gas. Those Creationists are just confusing the issue with propagandist rhetoric.

These Creationists are attacking the Big Bang idea because it gets in their way of their Intelligent Design. They are even portraying Intelligent Design as Science; it is not.

Repeat after me, "Intelligent Design is not science because you cannot apply the Scientific Method [1] [2] to this idea."

And related to that, you've got a very conservative administration whose lackeys are censoring NASA scientific papers; the censoring PR administrator didn't even graduate with his claimed journalism degree.

Why are we allowing scientifically-untrained persons, whose political agenda may go directly against pure science, take jobs for which they are completely unqualified?