Life's Work

A certain idea has lately been stuck in my mind. It was sparked after reading a Paul Graham essay of a many months back, What Business Can Learn From Open Source:

That is one of the key tenets of professionalism. Work and life are supposed to be separate. But that part, I'm convinced, is a mistake.

The more I think about it, the more I am won over by Paul's idea. I think about work when I'm at home, and I think about life when I'm at work. This may sound a bit chaotic and unproductive, but it has worked well for me. The Work-Life duality has a strong hold in my mind. From which I have been able to attain creative expression and accomplishment working as a salaried software developer. Life has been both good and bad because of this ability (Good mostly, I think); work and life (all the things I do and am) become a singular Life.

However, my current situation is a bit "deadening". That is, I am not doing the work I want to be doing, nor is it giving me the avenues in the life I want to be living. Paul's idea is just the beginning for me.

I am one of the many people now seeking to live life more freely, not to be chained by corporate slavery. I have a high desire for a certain freedom and richness. The freedom to pursue desires and a richness in the luxary to do these things. Will I be fulfilled in such a way while working at a job for others? I have reflected on this question for quite some time.

So I have just made the choice to leave my current job and to pursue life on my own terms. Success or failure, I will have set out for a Life Less Ordinary; a life where I have taken the chance; a life without regret; a life in which I can pursue my ideals; a life that I can live for myself.