Be the Clutter

I watched Frontline's episode entitled The Persuaders last night. Its synopsis explains the documentary more than I ever could.

But the big point I wanted to mention is that the program had suggested that "we become the persuaders" in order to get rid of the clutter of advertising. It is an interesting thought that we empower ourselves to talk about only the things we care about-- to take charge about our culture and life. However, this is a message that advertisers have been bombarding us with already-- "individuals (YOU) feel empowered (and fulfilled) when buying the advertiser's product". So if we were to actually empower ourselves by becoming the persuaders, then wouldn't we become the clutter itself? Isn't there a better way, like not persuading at all? And isn't this a bit ironic since my blog is, itself, a tool of (self-empowering) persuation?