Too Many Usernames!

I am generally tolerant of dumb tech hurdles because I'm a techie, but I don't like having different usernames and passwords for every site I visit-- Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc. Some big companies are trying to solve this problem-- MSN Passport and the Liberty Alliance. But those solutions require huge budgets (and not K.I.S.S), and I personally don't think that they can realistically solve the problem.

So, if I barely can handle this user account problem, how does a non-techie stand a chance?.

What can be done? For my part, I'll be using OpenId (Authentication Scheme) and YADIS (Scheme/Service Discovery) in my Django projects. Why?

  • They can give my users (and me) a single identity across the web.
  • They already have good support (LiveJournal, Moveable Type, etc).
  • They are Simple in design.
  • They are Open.
  • They are Federated. Power to the people, not any one mega-corp.

To do so, I wrote up a simple pluggable OpenId Authentication Django App that I can use in my projects. The app uses the OpenId Python library put out by the OpenId Enabled guys. I shot them email about contributing my code back to their project. This is in progress. If not, I'll just release and host it myself.

Next step is to connect my OpenId App, YADIS and Django.