The Family Entertainment Protection Act

So you might not know what exactly is dangerous about this proposed might not even have heard that it exists, luckily, I am here to help you out.

The first warning sign is that it was proposed by politicians...these are the jokes.

Let's start simply with the name of the act "Family Entertainment Protection Act" . Now in this post Patriot Act America we know that the only way the government is likely to "Protect" us is by taking away someone's rights. The only way to protect family entertainment is to take away the rights of those who seek enterteinment in a "Family Unfriendly" way, this time it's not's video games...well Mature rated video the porn adjacent (Actual pornographic games are rated AO and are never mentioned because they sell like crap and so do not garner attention).

But I digress. You can find the majority of the info on the bill over at Gamepolitics.

The most disturbing part? These politicians must know these laws will be defeated and declared unconstitutional. The Entertainment Software Associaction, which has been fighting these Anti-Game laws has even come to describe these laws as "feel good legislation".

Apparently politicians get a warm fuzzy feelin' from the "Family Values" votes they think they will get by attacking the video game industry.

Won't they be in trouble when gamers finally start voting...I hear it will be one of the features for the new "Windows Vista".