Django and TurboGears, Excitement

My last post made the claim that Django hands down beats TurboGears. I know I may have sounded like a "fanboy" (I'm not), but I couldn't contain the enthusiasm of what I saw. :)

I want to add the following: [edited: Not only do I currently think that Django is better, but also:] I am really really excited by the active development found in both projects.

Case in point:

  • Adrian Holovaty commented (Comment section of my last post) that my pet peeves have been or are currently being addressed. Excellent!
  • Thanks to Cliff Wells for pointing out that Catwalk is being added to the next version of TurboGears, correcting my statement about TurboGears lacking an admin interface. I will have to check it out!
  • Both Projects have active mailing lists and blogging communities.
  • Coding is active, and new releases are forthcoming.

I think this case of "sibling rivalry", if they can be considered siblings, will be helpful in fostering the development of the python-web world. I'm currently seeing a growth in the perception that this area is really coming into its own with these really cool projects.

And finally, my opinion here isn't fixed, so I'm looking forward to seeing what develops in the future (Let's see if Cliff's prediction about the TurboGears momentum will come true). I'll definitely be making suggestions to both projects when they pop into my mind. And I will submit patches if I run across a bug or a feature idea as I work on my own projects. The future is chock-full of potential on all fronts.