I...am Microsoft's Beyatch

Really, I am currently just in love with M$ and I can't explain why.

I work in the gaming industry so of course a good percentage of my adulation for the company comes from their interaction with, and my perception of their intentions in the gaming industry.

I started off as a PC gamer, so when I heard about Microsoft making a console I was ecstatic. They would of course release what is arguably a PC to plug into your TV. I feel that is mostly what the original XBOX was, it even felt large and heavy like a PC.

Now, from the moment they announced they were entering the console market I, in my fanboy-ness, imagined that they were only joining the console market in attempt to eventually destroy said market.

I believe Microsoft has proven me right. Xbox 360's controllers are USB and will be plug and play compatible with Windows Vista, Microsoft's upcoming OS. Not only that but M$ is currently claiming that Vista will be able to connect to XBOX Live, their online service for the Xbox. Microsoft spokespeople have also been pushing the idea of streaming instalation of games for Vista, meaning that PC games could be played just like console games, just pop in the disc and start playing, no pesky instsallation times. So...am I crazy? Or does it look as if my masters at Microsoft are trying to break people of their pesky console gaming habit?

As someone who was playing Wolfenstein and Mechwarrior when the rest of the world was performing fatalities with Mortal Kombat, or grabbing gold ring in the original Sonic, I say, good Luck and God Bless you Microsoft...