About a month or two ago Ben(a fellow badpocorn blogger) told me about Robert X. Cringely weekly article on I have read most of his articles since and enjoyed every one. In his article Acts of Omission he mentions a cool search engine called Truveo. I know what you are thinking, "I use Google". Well I use Google too, but I don't use Google to find videos online. Why? Well mostly because Google isn't very good at indexing videos. Mainly because Google is good at indexing static text while videos are dynamic. Here is the link, try it out yourself

An Excerpt from Cringely's article

"Back to Truveo, which, rather than parsing and analyzing the html of a page for clues, actually "uses" the page. There is a huge difference between analyzing html and actually creating a synthetic user who exercises the code itself looking for results, as Truveo does. Most search engines don't do this, frankly, because it takes a lot of computing power, but Truveo mysteriously claims to have solved that problem. Whatever they do, the upshot is they've found and indexed a lot more video on the Internet than Google or Yahoo even knows exist."

- Acts of Omission

About Us Section From

"With our unique approach to crawling, not only can we find the videos that the other crawlers miss, but we can also collect rich and relevant metadata for each video. As a result, when you search for video with Truveo, you can always find high-quality, relevant search results. The next time you are looking for a web video to watch, we invite you to try our search engine and see for yourself."