Google Pwns You!

Google has a new database... which isn't quite live at this time. But out of those that have seen it while it was still up: John Battelle says, "All Your Base Belongs To Google".

The gist: Users will be able to add any type Item to the database.

A whole lot of speculation is involved in what it is intended for, or how people will use it, or who it's going to crush (eBay, craigslist, backpack). Just think about this and Google's Froogle combined.

I'm going to withhold my thoughts and feelings about how this possible juggernaut will affect The Long Tail of niche information services.

The only thing I want to know is, where's the API? And will it be RESTful? And will it lend itself easily for AJAX style apps.

John Battelle's Screenshot

Image on Flickr

Another Image

Image of adding a housing Item