"...A feed for the world"

So Bennie and I had this conversation via IM recently, discussing this exact site recently and Ben said what is currently my most favourite quote from him. Please read the conversation and enjoy:

(10:42:38) Ben: Ok. here's what i was thinking
(10:43:01) Ben: picture "The Web"
(10:43:35) Ben: not "The Internet"... for the most part, think "The Web". and when I say "The Web",
  i mean how people normally use it
(10:43:49) Ben: through the browser.. everything through the browser..

(10:44:02) Aaron: um...okay?

(10:44:16) Ben: Think not about the actual technology. think about what people do with the progams
(10:44:41) Ben: what do you have? You have IM, email, (now voice chat), webpages, wiki
(10:44:52) Ben: you've got blogs and social networks.
(10:45:15) Ben: and you tie in everything together with a sort of aggregation and syndication...
(10:46:17) Ben: through all my social interactions... it's a sort of a river of information that comes to me.
(10:46:51) Ben: and as I talk, it's water emanating from me.
(10:47:09) Ben: ok. here's an example. go to httpp://www.foofiles.com/u/byu/myfeeds/
(10:47:30) Ben: erk. added extra p in the http

(10:48:01) Aaron: okay, got it

(10:48:39) Ben: ok. more and more people don't have to go to many different websites.
(10:48:54) Ben: everything that they're interested in "comes to them".
(10:49:48) Ben: there's some fancy stuff that can be done... like having someone like
google filter and search for things. but right now most people are
just subscribing to feeds that they want

(10:49:49) Aaron: okay, that is cool. I get ehat part

(10:50:24) Ben: what i feel that we should do is to be a feed to the world.

Let's examine that bit, "...A feed for the world". Now you may not know this but Ben is, at least externally, a truly jaded individual. So how does this jaded, arguably manic depressive, techie end up delivering this line...not only without any sarcasm, but with the wide eyed innocence of a child saying they want to be an astronaut?

And so I'm here...typing away on my laptop, knowing that when morning comes I'll wish I had been asleep, but I'm going on because, in the 10 + years I've known him, it's the most beautiful thing he's ever said...and I've got to do my part to make it happen. Because as I told Ben:

(11:15:18) Ben: what do you think?

(11:15:36) Aaron You had me at (10:50:24) Ben: what i feel that we should do is to be a feed to the world.

By The Way, If I get any say in it what-so-ever, that will be the site's slogan. "A feed for the World."