An Odd Racing Addiction

We have an X-Box at work. And at lunch, my coworkers and I play games. It's a rather nice luxary to have.

Lately, a few of us have been attempting to "Perfect" the "Burnout Revenge" game. What does this mean?

We acheive the "Awesome" rating and "Gold" medal (at the same time) for each map in the game.

I don't know why I'm talking about this, but it probably has to deal with spending two hours after work trying to "Perfect" the very last we have left to do. And I came 1 takedown away from doing it...

And why is this special? I hate racing games. I hate "Need for Speed". I hate the "Grand Turismo" series. But I love this game. And we've spent weeks of lunches playing the game to get where we are... so close, yet so far.