Message vs Testimonial


  1. A statement in support of a particular truth, fact, or claim.
  2. A written affirmation of another's character or worth; a personal recommendation.
  3. Something given in appreciation of a person's service or achievement; a tribute.


  1. A usually short communication transmitted by words, signals, or other means from one person, station, or group to another.

Has anyone ever gone through this scenario.

You sign on to friendster, and notice that one of your "friends" has new testimonial(s). Intereseted in what other people have to say about your "friend" you click on their profile. You wait and wait because friendster likes to take its time to load. Finally when it is finished you scroll to the bottom to view the new testimonial. It reads...

"Hey stupid, thought i would say hi"

What the fuck is that? That is clearly not a fucking testimonail. What part of this statment affirms a character trait for your "friend". It is message. I would understand if someone posted a message because friendster didn't have a means to allow messages between users. However, the feature is cearly present. So why would someone do something so stupid. I thought about it and I figured it out.

What is the difference between a message and a testimonial on friendster. Well a message is sent to an individual person and not seen by anyone, when a testimonial is on the person's profile for all to view. There in lies the reason why somone would post such a restarded testimonial, marketing. They want a spot on the person's profile, am advertisment spot. They want someone to look at that person's profile, and be like "ohhh who is this person". It is selfish, rude, but most of all really retarted. However, the person who said ok the testimonail is just as much at fault. Please as a networking community lets stop doing this. Go through your testimonials, and if they are retarted delete them. If you are one of those people, its can beat this thing. I'll be honest, I have some like that.