As most of us know, or should know, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit Pakistan in the recent past. From the last article I read the death toll was up to 30,000 (most of those in Pakistani Kashmir). Here is a map of the earthquake if anyone is interested. If you can please donate.

Although I read about death around the world everyday, this event effected me more...the question is why? I moved from Pakistan to the United States when I was a little kid and don't remember much if anything from the country. Everything I have learned I have read in articles or books. Speaking of which, if you want to read about a soap opera of a political history do pick up any book on the history of Pakistani leaders. From exiles to vengfull daughters, its all there. Anyway, back to my point.

30,000 people died and I believe it was on the news for a few seconds or so. Well seconds compared to the Katrina coverage which had a death toll of a few thousand. At first this got me really mad. I sat there and thought to myself, "So many more people died in Pakistan, and it is like no one gives a shit." I am sure some of you felt the same way. But if you reflect a bit, it is just of human nature. Before any Pakistani person begins to bitch about the fact that everyone forgot about the earthquake (which they will, it's quick news) remind yourself of Dec. 26, 2004. No bitch, not the made up Jesus day (yes it is made up, just face it...its winter solstice). That was actually the date of 9.0 earthquake that hit Indonesia, which killed somehwere around 170,000 people. Be honest, you found out about it, felt bad...but couldn't make a connection. So don't get mad at people in America for caring more about the Katrian victims and situation more then the Pakistan earthquake.

Think about it. If you had to pick between someone in your family dying or a 100 people in Cuba who would you pick? How about your whole family, including cousins...or a 1000 people in Equador? Don't lie, you know what decision you would make. It is the flaw inside all people, we pretend that the world revolves around us. Everyone is just characters in the story of our life. It is sad but it is true. Sorry to burst your bubble. However, if it makes you feel better...I would glady choose anyone's life over yours.


We all have money that we can send. So please, for some reason care about people you have never met, who will most likely never meet you. But don't only do it now, do it next time also. When it is a group of people in Africa, Australia, India, Mexico, where ever. How about for one weekend...instead of paying the 20 dollars ahead to go a club...we help build someone's house back up.

From BBC